Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Walking on Sunshine!

Today I got my first glimpse into the upcoming days of spring and summer. There is just something about going outside and feeling the sun on your skin that instantly puts you in a good mood. I was able to not where a jacket today and it felt so great outside. I have always been a lover of the outdoors, despite my terrible allergies. One of my favorite things to do is read or study outside. On TV they always make it look so glamorous, someone is always just laying on a blanket or leaning on a tree. What TV does not show you is the bugs! It's a terrible feeling when you look down and find that there is an ant on your arm, because somehow you managed to sit on an anthill. You may be thinking there is no way I would sit on an anthill, I would be able to see it, but trust me you may not know one is there until it is too late! Despite this bug issue, the outdoors is something I love, although it can sometimes be a love/hate relationship. Today's perfect weather just excited me about all of the amazing sunny days to come!

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