Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review: Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl Volume 1) by Aileen Erin

Alpha Girl Book 1
Title: Becoming Alpha
Author: Aileen Erin
Series: Alpha Girl #1
Pages: 267
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

One stupid party. One stupid boy. One stupid kiss. And my life was virtually over.

Tessa McCaide has a unique talent for getting into trouble. Then again, it isn’t easy for a girl with visions to ignore what she sees. Luckily Tessa and her family are leaving California and moving halfway across the country, giving her the perfect opportunity to leave her reputation as “Freaky Tessa” behind.

But Tessa doesn’t realize that kissing the wrong guy in her new Texas town could land her in far more trouble than she ever imagined. Like being forced to attend St. Ailbe’s Academy, a secret boarding school for werewolves.

Even if the wrong guy did accidentally turn her into one of “them” and doom her to attending the weirdest high school ever, Tessa can’t help her growing attraction to the mysterious Dastien Laurent.

When vampires attack St. Alibe’s and her visions pinpoint an enemy in their midst, Tessa realizes that boy drama and her newfound canine tendencies might just be the least of her problems.

For her whole life, Tessa has been considered a freak and an outsider. She has to wear gloves, because she sees things when she touches objects. How would you like to have a vision every time you touch something?

Her dad gets a new job and moves the family from star-studded L.A. to a Texas town. Tessa is thankful for the change, she thinks she may finally be able to not be "freaky Tessa." She may be able to have actual friends!

Things are different in this town though, she is told to stay away from the St. Ailbe's kids (a school). What's even more strange is that she seems to have a connection to one of St. Ailbe's young instructors.

Life as she knew it was about to change...

I don't think I have ever encountered a character that is not afraid to voice her opinion...ever. Compared to others, Tessa is fairly small, but that does not stop her from telling you what she thinks or standing up for herself. It is very refreshing to have a heroine who does not just roll over when the hot guy says to. Even though I had to get up early the next morning, I found myself unable to put the book down. Thing is I didn't even regret it, next morning I got in the car and just kept on reading!


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