Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Review: Just One Drop (Grey Wolves Series Book 3) by Quinn Loftis

The Grey Wolves Series Book 3
Title: Just One Drop
Author: Quinn Loftis
Series: Grey Wolves #3
Pages: 239
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Jennifer Adams, best friend to Jacque Pierce and Sally Morgan, spicy, out spoken, a little crazy and human...or so she thought. Jen has just found out that human DNA is not the only thing that resides in her veins, she happens to share that little pesky werewolf gene, although it isn't more than just a drop. Now that she and her friends are living in Romania with Fane's pack, she is also oh so conveniently stuck with the object of her affection, the fur ball Decebel. Drawn to each other by something they don't understand Jen finds herself frustrated by the lack of mating signs between her and said fur ball. Not only is she dealing with that not so un-frustrating problem, she now has been informed that because of that little drop of werewolf blood in her she is now required to attended a multi-pack gathering for un-mated wolves. This type of gathering hasn't taken place in over a century but with a shortage of females among the werewolf population the males are getting worried they won't ever find their true mates. Meanwhile Decebel struggles with the emotions he is feeling towards Jen. He tries to keep his distance but there is just something about the mouthy blonde that keeps him coming back for more of her verbal abuse that he just can't seem to get enough of...go figure

Jen had a lot of excitement in Blood Rites, not only did she learn that she was going to go to Romania, but she also learned that her blood was special. She literally had just one drop of werewolf blood in her. This meant that she was subject to everything that the other werewolves were. She now had an alpha, but this also meant that there was a possibility she could have a mate. As much as Jen hated to admit it, she already knew who she wanted her mate to be, the bossy furball Decebel.

If you loved Jen and Decebel in Blood Rites, you will love them even more in Just One Drop!! Both of them know what they want and are frustrated by the lack of signs to prove their feelings right. The one thing that is for sure about their relationship though, is that Decebel is very protective of Jen and especially does not want her going to what she has so eloquently referred to as "Mate Fest."

"Mate Fest" is basically just a huge singles mixer for unmated werewolves, and since Jen has a drop of werewolf DNA, that means she is required to attend. This means that unmated males will believe that she is up for grabs, which definitely does not sit well with Decebel. As you can imagine, Jen gets herself into trouble.....a lot, much to the dismay of Decebel.

In addition to the drama going on between Decebel and Jen, there is also a bit of espionage going on. Werewolves really are power hungry, there is no denying that now!

The words spoken between Jen and the furball are once again pretty perfect. Loftis has certainly outdone herself this time!! Jen has actually became my favorite character (sorry Jacque!)!! I love how Jen always has a response, be it good or bad. Decebel certainly has his hands full with her! I can't wait to see what's in store next for Jacque, Jen, and Sally, I mean those three girls do seem to attract a lot of trouble...

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