Sunday, February 21, 2016

Book Review: Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood Book 1) by Heather Hildenbrand

Dirty Blood Series Book 1
Title: Dirty Blood
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Series: Dirty Blood #1
Pages: 288
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. But that’s not the part that got me. The part that scared me, the part I can’t seem to wrap my head around and still has me reeling, was that when she charged me, her body shifted – and then she was a wolf. All snapping teeth and extended claws. But by the time I stood over her lifeless body, she was a girl again. That’s about the time I went into shock… And that was the moment he showed up.

Now, all I can do is accept the truths that are staring me in the face. One, Werewolves do exist. And Two, I was born to kill them.

This is actually the second time I have read Dirty Blood by Ms. Hildenbrand, and I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first!

Tara is thrust into a new world full of werewolves and those that hunt them. She has no idea how she fits into this crazy world, but for some reason she finds herself in the center of it. There are those that are after her, but she is not alone. She has a hunky protector that just keeps popping up. Personally, I would be okay with a hunky protector...however, Tara is not one to sit idly by.

Tara wants to be active in this new world. She wants to stand up for herself and not just have her battles fought for her. In the midst of all of her new world drama, she still has to go to High School. And, if you remember High School, then you know that it's no picnic...

Hildenbrand does a fantastic job of introducing us to Tara's world in the first installment of the Dirty Blood series! Oh, and I just love the sleek silver Aston Martin...and its driver is pretty great too. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book, Cold Blood!!

"This just figured. The hottest guy I'd ever seen, alone with me in my room, and he was completely whacked."

"Seat warmer? Wow, my mom's Taurus had two vents on my side of the car, and I thought that was luxury."

"I cranked the volume on the stereo and sang at the top of my lungs to an old Britney Spears song, my possession and enjoyment of which, I hoped, would remain a secret between me and my car."

"Do you ever feel like you've been waiting your entire life for a specific moment when it'll all make sense?" 
      → Have truer words ever been spoken?


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