Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review: The Drifting (Velesi Trilogy Book 2) by L. Filloon

The Velesi Trilogy Book 2
Title: The Drifting
Author: L. Filloon
Series: Velesi Trilogy #2
Pages: 344
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

“Welcome to Velesi, Princess.”

It is Lily’s first day in the Velesi realm but not as the princess she was made to believe, but as a captive to a strange Lithi elf name Ziri – Tharin and Tolan’s mysterious brother. Who is he and why has he taken her? Or is he only a pawn in someone’s deadly game of chess?

Tharin and Lily discover a prophecy involving the Unnamed Sidhe and a way back to Eirrell, the birthplace of the Thirteen Clans. However, before they can get to the doorway to Eirrell, Lily must first make it to the Day of the Seating to take her rightful place on the throne of the Willow Clan.

Tharin must keep Lily safe until the Day of the Seating even if it means keeping the beautiful Sidhe warrior Kalis close to him. Will he be able to protect his naïve, but stubborn bride-to-be not just from Harlu but from his warrior mistress? He once again turns to his brother and cousin, to only find that Tolan has his own problems with his feisty Julia.

Thank goodness for the future king of Velesi that he has Phoris, Alorn and Mellis to cover his royal back.

Welcome to Velesi, a realm existing alongside our own with their own rules, their own players and their own way of life.

The Drifting picks up exactly where the first book in the series, The Binding, ended. Lily is scared, she is in a new place with strange people she doesn't know. The one person who should be helping her, Tharin is extremely wishy-washy this entire book. Just as with the first book, this one also switches back and forth between the perspectives of Lily and Tharin. Everytime Tharin's turn would happen, I would instantly think, "Okay, how are you going to make me mad now?" I mean, it was just one thing after another.

Not only did Tharin dig a hole for himself, but he kept on digging...deeper...and deeper. I really like Tharin, but come on, you're the future king, man up! It was not only me that felt this way, Lily had exactly no idea what was going on with him, among other things. She is a busy girl! Being at the center of a prophecy that could save the world and prevent war is certainly no cake walk! And on top of that, she has to deal with some moody, wishy-wasy elf!

Besides Tharin, being Tharin, the world that L. Filloon created is expanded upon even more in this second installment. She is extremely talented! She described a world filled with beautiful trees, and a LOT of rain. There is no doubt in my mind that Velesi would be beautiful.

"However, he was right about one thing. You are stunning, but then again, you are my twin."

"What a spoiled and self-entitled bitch. I have had to deal with her type all my life, both Julia and me. Always looking down their noses at me, and my height had nothing to do with it."

"Yes, but you must remember that you hold your own destiny. Fate can whisper in your ear what road you should take, but it is up to you to make that decision."


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