Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Book Review: Sacrificed (Ignited Book 2) by Desni Dantone

Title: Sacrificed
Author: Desni Dantone
Series: Ignited #2
Pages: 346
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Kris Young is no normal seventeen year old.

She’s the worst thing to come along since the black plague, and she will do anything to alter the destiny she was made for. Failure is not an option. But if the shadows of evil overcome her…

Only one person can stop her.

When she meets Micah, she doesn’t expect him to save her life, or to offer his help. They were born enemies after all. Though he boasts noble intentions and a belief that, together, he and Kris could swing the tide of the war to the side of good once and for all, Kris can’t help but suspect that he is hiding something.

They have a plan…

Strengthened by new allies, Kris and gang take their fight to the Skotadi. As they discover shocking secrets and grow closer to learning of the evil-doers ultimate plans, Kris worries that time has run out. Struggling with her inner demons, she does the only thing she can to protect the ones that she cares about most, even if it tears her heart in two.

Question is, where will her heart lead her?

Miss Dantone really blew me away with Ignited, so I had pretty high expectations for its sequel. I am extremely pleased to say that she did not disappoint!!  Sacrificed was just as good, if not better than the first!

Kris is a pretty no-nonsense girl that somehow manages to get herself involved in a lot of drama. At times, I think she may just be a drama magnet. Somehow, not one...not two...but three, yes three, guys waiting in the wings. So, obviously there is quite a bit of drama in this book, which, of course makes it super interesting!

In addition to the boy drama Kris faces, there is also the drama that goes along with being what she is. Along with this revelation, new twists and turns keep coming up. I really love where Dantone is taking the story, it's really exciting! So far, I love this story and cannot wait to read book 3!!

"Awesome. Just what I wanted to be - the weirdo in a herd of black sheep..."

"It was a little unnerving, Alec being quiet. I wasn't used to it."

"If anything could stunt the despair brought on by the events of the last thirty-six hours, it was bacon."

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