Thursday, January 26, 2017

Book Review: Fall From Grace (Mad World Book 1) by Christine Zolendz

Mad World Book 1
Title: Fall From Grace
Author: Christine Zolendz
Series: Mad World #1
Pages: 317
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I'm finally home after struggling through my brother's illness and death. But, home is definitely a bit different. My best friend (the only person alive now that knows my secret) has a new boyfriend; and he has a friend. Shane Maxton: bad boy, tattooed rock god, eye candy extraordinaire. He is also New York City's most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy.

But, it doesn't matter to me because I've spent my existence looking for the love of my life, my angel. And, there is nothing that Shane Maxton can do to change that.

A paranormal romance.

Fall From Grace was a nice super fast read! Grace has spent her time looking for "the one" and so far, has been unable to find him. However, she does know that there is absolutely no way that Shane, in all his bad boy glory, could be "the one."

But, no matter how hard you try not to like him, Shane manages to get under your skin. You just cannot help but love him! Despite this, Grace goes out of her way to not like Shane or give into him. Which, is pretty entertaining and makes for some great dialogue.

The story includes some paranormal elements, and I am all for some supernatural stuff, but I think the story would have been great without this. I would have preferred the story without the Heaven and Angels plot. Take that out, and you get something similar to Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster, but more mellowed out.

One thing that I really did not like was the ending. I was just in the middle of a scene, reading along, then turned to the next page only to find "the end." In the middle of a scene. What the heck? This wasn't a cliffhanger, but instead almost just like a page break. You know, but without the click here to read more link. Also, practically every guy that Grace came across threw themselves at her. I get it, she's pretty, but literally every guy did this.

Other than that, however, it was a nice read and I enjoyed the back and forth between Shane and Grace!

"Lea, you know you should never have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent."

"You know, if you're going to be a smart ass you should start with being smart, otherwise, you're really just an ass."

"No. I want you to tell me why you have a pair of broken angel wings on your shoulder. I want you to tell me why you cut your wrists and I want to know why and how you play and sing the way you do, but most of all I want you to tell me what I need to do to be a good enough man for you."

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