Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review: Runners & Riders (Treasure Chronicles Book 2.5) by Jordan Elizabeth

Treasure Chronicles #2.5
Title: Runners & Riders
Author: Jordan Elizabeth
Series: Treasure Chronicles #2.5
Pages: 258
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Juliet loved growing up at the seaside, although it meant lonely hours chasing after the other beach rats while her mother worked as a seamstress. Juliet never expected her seaman father to inherit a fortune and move the family to New Addison City. Suddenly her mother is a socialite and Juliet is best friends with a strong-willed girl who actually likes her. When Juliet’s new friend welcomes her to the Runners, a gang that has plagued the East Coast for years, Juliet sees it as the opportunity to fit in, learn tricks, and make eyes at one of the hottest members. What the gang does isn’t really wrong…right? She’s used to being a pawn for the Runners, but she starts to question what she sees as harmless fun when the gang uses her to attack a young officer.

Jonathan Montgomery vowed to end the Runners after they murdered his family. He joined the Riders, an elite police force dedicated to stopping the Runners’ crime spree. They have put him in New Addison City, but rookie mistakes follow Jonathan as he struggles to accomplish his goal, until a young woman feeds him inside information to bring down the Runners.

Between murders and secrets, Juliet will need to find her strength to help Jonathan, before the founder of the Runners crawls up from the sewers amongst her inventions to burn down the city.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Runners & Riders is considered to be book 2.5 in Jordan Elizabeth's Treasure Chronicles series. However, it can be read as a stand alone, although, after reading Runners & Riders you may want to pick up the rest of the series!

This was my first steampunk book and I absolutely loved it! It had all the bells and whistles that you associate with steampunk, kind of similar to Will Smith's Wild Wild West film. Be aware, that comparison is just the first one that I could come up with, because Jordan takes steampunk to a different level that makes it seem not as fanciful as it was in Wild Wild West. The plot and situations seemed entirely believable and surreal at the same time. I know that I'm not giving the idea justice, so you'll just have to read it to see what I mean!

In addition to the world that Jordan creates, the characters and plot are amazing! I think everyone could identify with Juliet. She is just a girl who wanted a friend, so when a rich girl shows her attention, then Juliet does anything to impress her. Haven't we all done this at one point in our lives?

Juliet finds herself sucked into this girl's world that is full of thievery and deception. This then begs the question, is this new girl a true friend to Juliet? I mean, that's all that Juliet has ever wanted, a true friend. She later finds what she has always wanted in a Rider (think member of an elite police force), who's sole purpose is to bring down the world of thievery and deception that she is a part of...

So, if you love books that have romance, crime, twists, turns, and a touch of clever innovation, then you definitely need to check out Jordan Elizabeth's Runners & Riders!

"She reminded Juliet of the parrot the shopkeeper owned. Both the woman and bird belonged in cages, preferably the same cage, so the bird could poop on all that velvet and lace."

"Juliet wondered if the woman even knew what a Rider was. She made loud noises and loved jewelry. Other than that, Juliet couldn't think of a way to describe her."

"Never let people tell you what to believe in. No one knows everything."

"Her plan seemed somewhat delusional, unreal, and utterly delicious." 

"...they left a scar that would fade but never vanish."

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