Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Finds! (#5)

Okay and this week's Friday Finds are...

Paradox by Kelly Carrero

Book 1 in The Unearthly Paradox Series

Book Description (From Amazon)

Never in a million years would I ever fall for the son of a drug lord. Or so I thought until I moved two doors down from Jett. 

Zara thought her life was over when she had to move just days before graduation. The situation went from bad to horrible, when she discovers just how cruel the kids at her new school can be. 

When Zara is set up by some bullies and almost raped, she somehow gets free, but she’s haunted by the eyes of the one she believes rescued her. 

Later, bad boy Jett is only too willing to step in and help. In fact, Zara can’t seem to get rid of him or his family, who all seem to have a strange obsession with her. 

Will letting down her guard be one of the biggest mistakes of her life, or is Zara destined to become a part of his life, an existence that no human could ever understand?

My Thoughts

The cover to Paradox looks really interesting, I mean what are those markings on that incredibly cute guy? Also, I want to see what happens to the bullies at school. I am really hoping that Jett or his family takes them down a notch.....or two.....or three. 


Embers by Karen Ann Hopkins

The Wings of War Book 1

Book Description (From Amazon)

Embers is an epic paranormal adventure/romance about an eighteen year old girl who discovers that she's immune to fire and any other injury when she’s in a horrific car crash that kills her parents. Following a violent episode with her aunt's boyfriend, Ember flees Ohio to live with an old relative in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Ember's exuberance at escaping a bad home life soon turns to trepidation when she learns that she's a Watcher, a descendant of angels. 

While Ember is instructed about her heritage and the powers that go along with it, she strikes up friendships with two teenagers who live inside of a frightening walled compound in the forest. Inexplicably drawn to one of the young men in particular, an impossible romance develops. But it’s cut short when Ember discovers that her new friends are fighting on the opposite side of a war that's been raging between two factions of Watchers for thousands of years. When the compound’s inhabitants threaten the townspeople, Ember takes action, sealing her fate in the ancient battle of good versus evil, and the grayness in between.

My Thoughts

I really love books that have a whole good and evil thing going for them. What I like even more about this one is that it talks about that there are shades of gray. Sometimes things are just too black and white, and these shades of gray sound very interesting. Obviously Ember is going to be very torn throughout this book, which makes this sound like an emotional ride that I want to be on!


You can check out Paradox and Embers on Amazon!!!

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