Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review: Everlasting (The Night Watchmen Series Book 1) by Candace Knoebel

Night Watchmen Book 1
Title: Everlasting
Author: Candace Knoebel
Series: Night Watchmen Book 1
Pages: 428
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

What if your destiny lay on the other side of death?

The annual Culling ceremony is a day every coming-of-age novice looks forward to within the Primeval Coven. It’s the start to being initiated into the Night Watchmen, humankind’s protectors, and it’s the long-awaited day when novices discover if they’re a Hunter or a Witch.

But this day is not a happy one for Faye Middleton. Not when she’s known her whole life that she’s a Defect and is about to face banishment in front of her fellow novices. She’s forced to attend the Culling with little hope for her future, but what she discovers about herself is far worse than she could’ve imagined. And far more dangerous.

Thrown into training and separated from her friends, Faye must learn to adjust. She struggles to find her place within the Coven, and with Jaxen Gramm, the darkly handsome and extremely unnerving man assigned to watch and protect her. Emotions run high, and when she discovers a deadly secret about him, her struggles deepen. As corruption within the Coven begins to unravel, Faye pieces together her role in saving the future of her people, and within Jaxen’s life...but will the truth save her, or be her undoing?

I know you have probably heard me say this already, but I love free books!! I got Everlasting on my kindle, along with several other free books. I just cannot help myself, I see a free book in a genre I like and immediately click purchase! Sometimes I try to stick to the 4 1/2 or 5 star ratings, but Everlasting sounded pretty interesting, but had a 4 star rating. I also loved that it had 428 pages!!

Everlasting follows Faye, a girl who is dreading the Culling ceremony. In this ceremony, it is decided whether you will be a Hunter or a Witch. This ceremony also gives you an affinity mark. This mark will be shared with one other person, who in turn will be your partner for life. I know scary right? This is not what Faye is worried about though. Her whole life she has suspected or known that she is a defect. She believes that she will be forced to leave the Coven and have a normal human life. She already has her college acceptance letter and everything.

As like any paranormal book, we all know that things do not always go the way that the main character thinks it will. For Faye, circumstances really throw her for a loop. Not only is she a myth (you'll understand later), but she is somehow linked to the moody Jaxen Gramm, her best friend isn't having as good a time as she thought she would, and something has happened to her parents!!

This book is full of action! I thought that there was no way there could be another fight scene, but Knoebel would surprise me and throw another one in. Knoebel uses all of those 428 pages, they are not just fluff!!

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