Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day!

My Hidden Wings Binge

I don't know what other people do on snow days like I had today, but I ended up somehow on the fourth book of the Hidden Wings Series by Cameo Renae. Earlier this week I posted a review of the first book in the series, Hidden Wings. Needless to say, I am really loving this series. I actually stayed up until 4 this morning trying to finish the third one! These are great quick reads that kept me engaged the whole time and I would have been having withdrawals if classes would have been in session. I was able to have a much needed break from physics and organic chemistry and just lounge around in my pjs and read. I hope that everyone is able to have a day like I had today, because we all need a break to just enjoy the things that we love to do. 

In regards to the Hidden Wings series, I highly recommend it. These books are action packed and were able to keep me entertained and engaged. Also, in case you are wondering the series is currently finished, so there will not be any waiting for the next book to come out. So, here are the books in this wonderful series...

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