Sunday, February 14, 2016

Book Review: The Chief (Daughters of Destiny Book 3) by K.R. Grace

Daughters of Destiny Series Book 3
Title: The Chief
Author: K.R. Grace
Series: Daughters of Destiny #3
Pages: 212
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Star Allistar:

It appears I’ve waded into dangerous waters. Go figure. I can’t say much right now, but what I will tell you is that if it weren’t for a tribe of persistent, loveable Black Bears and their reluctant Chief, I would be so screwed right now.

Oh yeah, and now my heart feels like it’s in a taffy pull. If you’ve never seen one in person, look it up. It’s intense.

Raeb Clawson:

Star’s one of the few people who treats me like I’m just a regular seventeen-year-old guy…not the new Chief of a dying tribe. With Brighton out of the way doing only Creator knows what, now’s my chance to win her over.

The tribe was trusted with a great secret. A secret that could either protect or kill Star. It’s our job to make sure nothing happens to her, and I’ll die upholding my end of the bargain if I have to.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see clearly when the heart gets in the way.

Let me first just say "Oh My Gosh!!" By far, The Chief is my favorite book in this series! I didn't want the book to end, but sadly I was shocked when I got to 92% on my kindle and the book was over. I thought I still had 8%!!!! Right now, I'm a little distraught... I REALLY did not want the book to end! However, the fourth book, The Phoenix is scheduled to come out in April!! Whew, that's a relief, I though that I was just going to be waiting around (extremely impatiently) until fall. If you can't tell, I didn't just like this book, I LOVED it!! Okay, now that that's out of my system, I can get on with the rest of the review!

In The Loner, we had Drake Knight, and in The Brother we had Brighton Sterling. The Chief introduces us to the third contestant in this twisted game, Raeb Clawson. Star initially wants absolutely nothing to do with the guy. He is able to get under her skin and annoys her like no other. But, for some reason she finds herself smiling, laughing, and having fun. With Raeb, she is able to forget her destiny for a little while. He also is able to forget his position as Chief and all the decisions he must make for his tribe. Star just treats him like a normal guy.

With all that is going on, things are getting stranger (if that is even possible). Star starts leaning more about who she really is, and it scares the hell out of her. If I had it my way though, she would just be able to lean on Raeb. If you haven't already figured it out, Raeb is my favorite!

The Chief is an amazing book, however, there was a few flaws. There are some grammatical errors (don't get me wrong, there are probably even some in this review), but if you get sucked into the story like I did, then they are easily overlooked. Something else I found a bit strange was that Raeb has an aunt Tonya, or is it Tanya (I'm pretty sure they were the same person, but I don't really know, anyhow, I really like her). Oh, and beware, this book does end with the drop of a bombshell. Overall though, this is an amazing book, and by far my favorite in the series!! Keep up the good work Ms. Grace, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in The Phoenix!!!

"If you couldn't laugh at yourself, what was the point?"

"Gotta be more specific sunshine." He winked at me before starting another. 
"You might want to get that eye problem checked out. One might mistaken it for flirting."

"Love isn't a feeling. It's much deeper than that. Yes, it's a choice, but there's also a necessity to be with that person that makes you depend on that person for survival. That feeling can't be fabricated."


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