Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: Pisces (Zodiac Twin Flame Series Book 1) by Rachel Medhurst

Zodiac Twin Flame Book 1
Title: Pisces
Author: Rachel Medhurst
Series: Zodiac Twin Flame #1
Pages: 265
My Rating: ❤❤❤

The bracelet around my wrist was a permanent reminder of my mission. The silver charm that was attached to the leather cord was stamped with my birth sign. Mission: Unite with my twin flame soulmate in this lifetime.

My brothers, sisters, and I were each named after the star sign we were born under. We knew that our soul purpose was to fall madly in love and battle through the obstacles that led to that true love.

Antony crept up on me and caught me unaware. He was nothing like I'd imagined my twin flame soulmate to be. When he started to run, I found that I had to give chase. I had to complete my mission.

Medhurst creates a whole new world that I, a lover of all things fantasy & paranormal, have never heard of before. She introduces the unique idea of zodiac signs into the fantasy genre. Who would have thought?

In this world, people do not know what true love really looks like, instead all they know is chaos. It is up to Pisces, and her 11 siblings, to show them what true love really looks like. To actually do accomplish this feat, they must find and unite with their twin flame, better known as their soulmate. However, there are those that like the chaos of the world and wish to squash the zodiacs (Pisces and her siblings) attempts at exposing the world to true love.

What I liked about this book was the creativeness behind it all. The concept was extremely new to me, and I found the mythology interesting. However, I felt like so much more could have been done. Their mission is to show the world that true love exists. That’s it? There’s no impending doom that they have to save the world from? But I love that impending doom!

Besides the part about their mission, I also had a problem with the pace of the story. Some things were solved super quickly, while others were drawn out, way past their expiration date.

My overall favorite part of the book was how there was not this instant getting together of the main characters. Instead, it was drawn out, because they were both super scared. This is where one of the most important messages of the book came into play. Love is not easy, and it needs work…constant work. It will not always be sunshine and rainbows. That was just such a perfect message to me, because so many books make love look easy, but it definitely is not.

Overall, Pisces was an interesting read. Especially if you are looking for something different from your typical werewolf and vampire mumbo jumbo! Also, it is kind of similar to Storm by Brigid Kemmerer, so if you like Storm, you may enjoy Pisces!

"I considered his words. They went in one ear and out the other."

"I didn't know anyone who wasn't a sucker for dimples."

"People were only allowed to see a part of me. There was a lot more to me than any of them knew."

"Only when you're ready to learn will you seek what you need to find."

"It's not about trying to find something, Pisces. It's about allowing it to find you at the right time."

"Even Scorpio had a frown on his face. Although, to be honest, Scorpio frowning wasn't uncommon."

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