Friday, February 27, 2015

Should You Go Digital?

E-Readers vs. Good Old-Fashioned Books

Pinterest is my go to place for DIY ideas, cute pictures, fashion, and so much more. I love to explore all of the different quotes they have on there also. I came across one that really irritated me. While the picture was great the quote said "Kindles don't have this kind of magic!" Do people really think this? 

I admit, when I heard about reading books on a screen I thought that was definitely not for me. The actual holding of a book and sometimes the smell of a book had always enhanced my reading experience. I eventually gave in to the hype and got me an e-reader. A few years later I still have the same e-reader with over 100 books on it. I still love the feel of actual books, but there are so many things that my e-reader can do that a book cannot.

Facts about e-readers:

1. You can get a book anytime and anywhere

2. Libraries have digital books that you can check out

3. Easy to take on the go

4. You can read sideways, without getting in an extra weird position

5. There are a ton of free digital books out there

This is purely just my opinion, but it's not books that have the magic. It is instead the words and how they flow together that make reading magical. You can get that experience from an e-reader or an actual book. Also, just because you have an e-reader does not mean you can only read digital books. I like to read, but I also like to save money. If a book is on sale and cheaper than the digital version, then I will purchase the book. I have a wide collection of both digital and paper books. 

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